Marvelous Darling, Absolutely Marvelous

Psa. 86:10     For you are great and do marvelous deeds;

you alone are God.

Miracles: Awe Inspiring Moments

Have you ever tried to define a miracle? Is it the violation of a natural law? It would imply that God is inconsistent. Would you define it as supernatural intervention into the natural order? It would imply that God is not daily, moment by moment supernaturally sustaining and upholding the universe by “His powerful Word”(Heb 1:3).

There are many different definitions of a miracle, but the best one is often this simple phrase, “A miracle is a less common operation of God in which he inspires wonder, worship and awe and brings glory to Himself” (John Frame).

In this third book of the Psalter, we find this lonely Psalm of David. It is the only one in this whole book.  It is a psalm of supplication. David is hard pressed, “poor and needy.” It opens and closes with a supplication punctuated in the middle with a deliberate praise—yes deliberate because there seems to be not easing to the pressure, no sign of abatement.

Why is the middle of this Psalm of supplication an act of worship? David sees the “marvelous deeds”(v.10) of God and responds in worship. His confidence is such that he even worships in view of a promised future miracle, his bodily resurrection, “For great is your love toward me;     you have delivered me from the depths, from the realm of the dead.”(v.13)

David’s plea is for a miracle that is so awe-inspiring and worship inducing that it will, “give [him] an undivided heart, that [he] may fear Your name.”(v.11)

A Prayer for today

            “God would you so surprise me with grace that I would be gripped by the promise of your immediate goodness , that all I can do is fall in awestruck wonder at your marvelous deeds. Give me an undivided heart that I may revere your name.”


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